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WAMP - Windows Apache MySQL PHP

Want to host your own websites ? Or just want to develope your websites with Windows ? WAMP is the answer for it. WAMP, Windows, Apache MySQL, PHP. All these tools you may need for web-developing comes in a single package.

Go to and download either 32bit or 64bit version depending on your system.

Install it like any other windows executable. When installation is completed open WAMP from shortcut. Now it's on. Click the small arrow from the bottom of your screen and you will see WAMP icon.

Left click it and it will open the WAMP menu.

Click Start All Services and it should be running. If you would like to host your pages online you could click Put Online but you should also open some ports from your router and in this blog we are not going to look how that is done. 

Now open your web-browser and type "localhost" it should show you the WAMP index page!

If you see this, it means you are ready to host pages or use databases. 

To acces phpmyadmin simply type into your browser http://localhost/phpmyadmin

Click "www directory" from WAMP menu, this is the folder where you put your pages. For example create new folder "test" and index.html inside it 

Then point your browser to http://localhost/test/index.html and your page should show. If you want to start developing php, just change the .html to .php and look how your page looks from browser. 

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