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Windows 7 How To Shrink Volume. Split your hard drive with windows tools.

If you want to split your hard drive, for example if you want to install multiple operating systems, like Windows and Linux, or Windows 7 and Windows 8 you can split your hard drive before installing the operating system. Of course you could split the hard drive during operating system installation but this is useful to know anyway.

1. Right click computer from start menu and select manage

2. Then select disk managementand you will see all the drives / partitions installed in your computer.

3. For example if your main drive is C: right click it and select shrink volume.

4. Select how much you want to shrink it.

5. Then you see new unallocated space. This is not used by the computer unless you format it. Right click unallocated space and select format. Pick a name and letter for the drive. That's it.

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